Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18 sneak peek: A wedding venue

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18 sneak peekFor any wedding, you need to find the right venue. This Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18 sneak peek is about that.

Also, it seems to be about Charming being surprisingly salty when the idea of having the wedding for Hook and Emma at Granny’s is first brought up. This is a guy who clearly is not all that down with the idea. He does actually bring up a number of valid reasons as to now have it there, whether it be a callback to Snow and Dr. Whale being there to a few other important things … including that it’s a diner. It makes a little sense that Charming would want some big, super-romantic setting for his daughter’s wedding, but he also needs to face a little bit of reality here. For one, Storybrooke is not exactly busting at the seams with wedding venues. Also, Emma’s not the sort of person who’s going to want to have some huge, super-lavish affair that is not suited for her personality.

Granny’s is still a step above the Jolly Roger as a proposed venue, given that at the very least, nobody will be barfing over the side of it.

This episode will probably have a few more nods here and there to the wedding in it, given that the show isn’t going to slow things down really at all when it comes to the wedding planning process. Instead, this is really a situation where they want to give you the wedding sooner rather than later — they know that there are only so many episodes left before the end of the season, just as they also know that there is no guarantee of a season 7 beyond this one. Therefore, you have to make the most of this season while you can! This will be a quick process, but hopefully a fun one.

For the characters, it may also be a worthy distraction from the fact that there is some sort of final battle looming between the Black Fairy and many residents of Storybrooke that could change the entire course of the series.

What do you think: Is Granny’s the right wedding venue for Hook and Emma, or do you have a different one in mind? One way or another, we want to hear some of your thoughts on the subject below!

Meanwhile, be sure to secure some additional updates right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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