Why Tyra Banks is back on America’s Next Top Model for cycle 24

Cycle 24When Tyra Banks made the decision to return to America’s Next Top Model for cycle 24, she may have been doing so to save the franchise.

While we don’t know the finer details about Banks’ return to the show in terms of the behind-the-scenes dish, we do have the following very interesting quote from Tyra to TV Guide, which gives you a couple of different reasons as to why she would be back:

“My fans on social media — and not just my fans, but the fans of the show — were very vocal to a point where I was like, ‘Maybe it was a mistake for me to have walked away? … [when it comes to] pleasing the fans and then looking at the business side, I think I have to be there for it to continue.”

The first season of the show on VH1 after many years at The CW / UPN before that actually started off very well in the ratings with Rita Ora as the host; however, it sagged over the course of time. We actually liked the Ora experiment more than most, but there is no question that Tyra is synonymous with the brand, and she is one of the models that many adult models now watched when they were young. She’s got the experience and the voice that makes her someone that everyone should want to listen to. Not all of them do, but that’s mostly besides the point.

The big thing to note here for the time being is that there is a new season of the show coming, and it will probably be the right combination of old and new. You’ve got the nostalgia coming your way courtesy of Tyra, and then you’re also going to have a little bit of that new flair coming courtesy of the VH1 style and the modernization that they brought to the show after officially acquiring it.

This is going to be a pretty big year for Banks in general, given that she is also getting set to host America’s Got Talent this summer for the first time ever. She’s already started to do some audition shows. It’s a very different gig for her, but we are interested to see how she fares there.

Are you interested in seeing how Tyra does as the America’s Next Top Model host for the upcoming cycle? Share in the comments below! (Photo: The CW.)

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