Gotham season 3 episode 15 sneak peek: Nygma’s Riddler transformation

RiddlerMonday night’s Gotham season 3 episode 15 is entitled “How the Riddler Got His Name,” and there’s a pretty good reason for it. In the wake of what happened with Oswald Cobblepot, we’re nearing a tipping point for the famed comic-book character. We’ll be seeing more of him at his most menacing (or at least to date), and the new video below is a way to get some further insight into that very thing.

In this new video, actor Cory Michael Smith does his best to set up more of what is coming for his character, as he makes it clear that we’re going to have a great opportunity to see a very different sort of Nygma than before. We had a chance to see an origin that never quite existed in the comics, and his evolution got him to where he is now as someone who’s been through the fire. He’s smart, he’s crafty, and he’s all sorts of dangerous.

Judging from the way Fox is promoting the final part of this season, there are two things we’re looking at more than anything else:

1. The focus on Bruce Wayne – Obviously, the show wants you to know that the future version of Batman is coming, and that’s something worth taking a further look at in the aftermath of the battle with Jerome.

2. The evolution on Riddler – We don’t get a sense this time that we’re putting the emphasis so much on new guest stars or characters we haven’t seen so much as we are people that we’ve already gotten a chance to know. (With that being said, we know that the recent midseason trailer did set up that we’re going to get a chance to see such people as Fish Mooney and Hugo Strange return in some capacity before the season comes to a close.)

Ultimately, we shall see where the story goes, but we’re excited to dive into what is the most pivotal stretch of episodes for the show to date. We also can tell you that we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up, as well. We suggest that you check out the site at some point Monday midday for an interview to help get you prepared for the remaining episodes this season.

What are you hoping to see from both Nygma and the remainder of the other Gotham characters coming up this season? Be sure to share now in the attached comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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