Scandal season 6: Is Liz North dead, and is Portia de Rossi leaving?

Is Liz North deadTonight’s Scandal season 6 episode really decided to go all out in the shocker department, taking a character from us not all that long after really teasing that a different major character could fall in Huck.

Tonight, it was Liz North who died, and this time around it felt pretty darn definitive. While she was not a longtime character on the show, she’d been an active part for the past few seasons. As a result of that, we certainly didn’t think that she was going to be the next person to fall.

Does this mean that Portia de Rossi is leaving? It’s certainly something that you have to think about at the moment, but there’s no confirmation of anything yet. There’s also a good chance that she could appear in flashbacks or some other capacity, especially since we’ve seen the show play around with timing a lot so far this season as it is.

In the end, consider this one of the shockers of the season. Just in case that wasn’t enough, we also had some sort of crazy evil shadow government controlling everything — it was almost like a secret within a secret. Someone could be even more secret than Eli. The Mystery Woman was the person responsible for beating Liz with a golf club of all things, and now she’s gone. Crazy. It’s going to be very odd to see the show without Liz at this point, but with this new organization out there, it makes things all the more interesting.

For the record, it seems as though the decision for Liz to die was actually Portia’s. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she confirmed that she was the one who asked to potentially leave the show:

“Toward the end of last year, I started an [art curation and publishing] business and I realized that the business was going to be very time-consuming if I was going to make a success of it. I had emailed Shonda [Rhimes] and told her that I had reconnected with my original passion of incorporating business and fine art. I asked her if it would be okay if I could do less shows and perhaps even leave the show. She was incredibly gracious and so lovely, really supported my decision to start a new career.”

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Meanwhile, head over here to preview the next new episode. (Photo: ABC.)

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