Outlander season 3: Another filming update; wrap date inches closer

Another filming updateWe are slowly getting closer to the Outlander season 3 premiere date, but before that happens, there is obviously one other order of business that needs to be taken care of — filming needs to wrap for production in South Africa!

Last week, we learned that the first couple of episodes set in the country were completed; today, we learned via executive producer Matthew B. Roberts (see the Instagram post) that the penultimate block of the season is starting up today. Note that blocks are a little bit different than episodes; there are certain scenes and events that logistically make sense to film together. With a show of this sort of scope and scale, you don’t always film everything in order. This is probably true especially for this season given that you’ve got multiple locations sand different countries that you’re using.

These two filming blocks will encompass the next month and a half of filming in the country before everyone finally gets a chance to breathe … at least for the cast and some crew members. For Roberts and some of the other writer-producers, there’s not that much of a break presumably given that work is going to be starting up on the fourth season before long. There are obviously so many things that can go into the process of creating that batch of episodes, so it’s best that we don’t offer up any specific timelines or dates.

One thing that we do think aids the show is that with the two-season renewal that it got during the second season, it allowed everyone an opportunity to start to plan and forget ahead in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. That’s especially important now given that season 3 isn’t premiering until later this year and season 4 production could have been delayed for quite a stretch of Starz had waited on a renewal until when those season 3 episodes were airing. (As you can tell, production and airing schedules can get rather confusing.)

(For the record, we’re all for Starz issuing a season 5 renewal whenever they want — if you know you’ve got a fantastic show and one you’re planning to keep on the air a long time, why wait?

For some other news now related to Outlander, including some lengthy analysis of the show’s season 3 teaser released earlier in the week, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Starz.)

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