Scorpion season 3 finale spoilers: Everyone gets stranded

Scorpion season 3 finaleWhat is the Scorpion season 3 finale going to have in common with another CBS show in Survivor? Probably a little bit more, surprisingly, than you’d think.

The upcoming May 15 episode (and shockingly, the 25th episode of the season) is going to be entitled “Scorp Family Robinson,” and this could make for a welcome opportunity for all of the characters to start to sort through whatever holdover feelings that they may have for each other. The story will pick up the entire main cast all stuck on a deserted island together, where they will have lived for the better part of three weeks. In order to find their way off of this and back to safety, they will need to work through whatever relationship issues that they have and try to find a way to use their collective intelligence.

Based on where this episode is in the season, there’s a pretty good chance that tensions between characters could be at a high. Depending on what happens with Toby and Happy’s wedding, it remains to be seen just what sort of state that the two of them are going to be in. Meanwhile, this episode could also give you some insight into Walter and Paige’s relationship, provided that Paige is back with the team after Walter made the hare-brained decision to fire her over the secret that was kept from him for much of the season.

The main difference from Survivor? No Jeff Probst. Also, we’re assuming that nobody wins a million bucks in the end. We do nonetheless think that this has the potential to be a really fun, entertaining way to close out the season. You’re going to have a unique opportunity to play around with some various characters and relationships, and also possibly create a good cliffhanger for yourself going into season 3. After all, we have a hard time thinking that this season is going to wrap up with everything tied up neatly into some little bow. That rarely happens for CBS shows; after all, they do like to give you a little bit of something more to look forward to.

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Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event you are interested in scoring some further news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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