NCIS season 14 and a regurgitation of (stupid) Mark Harmon rumors

HarmonWe’re here with another edition of “cleanup on aisle NCIS,” and to continue the grocery-store analogy here, there’s an easy way to describe what’s going on. Let’s say that someone comes into the store, pours out barbecue sauce all over the floor, and then leaves it for someone to clean up. That happens, but then they decide to come back and do it anyway because they really don’t have anything better to do.

This is what we feel like when it comes to the latest nonsense about the show potentially getting canceled, and that Mark Harmon is supposedly leading the show because of poor health. These are two terrible, wrong, and honestly insulting rumors (especially to Harmon, who is in fine health) that stem this time from Korea Portal, which is mostly just citing old stories from many months ago. This is a pattern that we see with some publications here and there — they want a bump of traffic, so they republish old stories (often with just a subtle rewrite) and try to pawn them off as new. It’s even worse when the entire basis of the story is garbage, such as when they give Cote de Pablo fans false hope that she is coming back. Same goes for Michael Weatherly, who clearly doesn’t have time since he films Bull on the other side of the country.

We did have a bit of an internal debate about whether or not to even give these reports piece of mind anymore, because as someone so inundated with news at this point, they are so obviously false and wrong. However, there is another angle to remember here — just because they are obviously false to us doesn’t mean that they are for everyone else. There may be a casual fan out there who stumbles across these rumors on Google who actually believes them to true, and they start to get bummed-out or depressed that their favorite show could be in some trouble.

Ultimately, these rumors aren’t fair to some of these casual fans, and they’re certainly not fair to Harmon or anyone else in the case. We honestly hope that nobody believes them, just as we hope that eventually the rumors just vanish off of the face of the earth.

The one part of this new report we find entirely ridiculous — and it’s also one that we haven’t heard before — is the idea of Cote teaming up with Benedict Cumberbatch to be a part of the new season of the show. How did Cumberbatch get thrown into this? If he only has time to do a season of Sherlock once every three years (and those seasons are only three episodes long), how on god’s green earth is he going to do 24 episodes on NCIS? Is there a Cumber-Clone wandering around looking for work?

Anyway, we’ll get off the soapbox for now. Just know that the show’s renewed, Harmon is fine, and there’s no reason to sound alarms. While the live ratings may be lower this season, remember that this is still CBS’ most-watched show and it brings in countless ratings from all over the world. It’s going to last however long the parties involved want it to.

Remember, that for some real news on NCIS, you can always find it over at the link here.

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