The Magicians season 3: Premiere date speculation for Syfy drama

The Magicians season 3Following tonight’s finale, it only makes sense to wonder when The Magicians season 3 is going to premiere. Hopefully, we can start to get to the bottom of that here!

For potential premiere date evidence, you just have to look back to when the first two seasons of the show premiered — in late January. (We’re excluding for a moment the December preview that Syfy aired before the show came back on in January for the first season.) Odds are, the network will choose once more to start The Originals season 3 in January. That’s the time that makes the most sense for it provided that you want it to end in the middle of April.

There are certainly many strategic advantages that come with structuring your show to air its finale in April. For many major networks, the middle of the month is when they are in the midst of repeats. Just take a look at the schedule tonight — NBC is on hiatus for the night, CBS isn’t airing Criminal Minds, and both The 100 and Arrow on The CW are on hiatus for one more week. You want your finale to get good ratings, and the best thing that you can do in order to push yourself down the road of making that happen. Not having a ton of competition helps.

As for how long we could see The Magicians ultimately lasts, we do think that the ball is really in Syfy’s court for that. What we know is that there are many devoted fans out there who love the show and the source material. If they continue to watch or stream the show, there’s a chance that it could have a pretty long run on the air. We do know that this is a network with a tendency to not run shows for a long period of time, but we can easily see a season 4 in its future.

There’ll be plenty of time to discuss this topic further down the road. For now, what we want to know from you is rather simple — when do you want to see The Magicians season 3 premiere? Do you like the timeslot for the show right now? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, you can head over here if you do want to read the renewal announcement from earlier in the month. (Photo: Syfy.)

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