Feud season 2: Ryan Murphy on Princess Diana casting

Princess Diana castingWith the Feud: Bette & Joan finale airing on FX Sunday, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ryan Murphy is already looking towards Feud season 2. Specifically, he seems to be already interested in trying to determine the right Princess Diana casting to make the project work.

Speaking per People Magazine while at a finale event for the first season this week, the prolific showrunner had the following to say about some of the interest that is already out there for the role:

“It’s become like the Scarlett O’Hara of parts … Because there are so many women who want to play that part, and there are so many women who are physically right for it.”

He also offered up a quick sense of how he wants Diana to appear in the project:

“She’s just so famous and iconic … And the version of the story we’re doing is very sympathetic to her and yet it’s very bold.”

We do know already that there will naturally be some controversy around this role, mostly because you are talking about someone here who is such a significant part of history, and also someone that is so beloved. For many out there, this is going to feel like opening up an old wound. We’re not sure we love the idea of this being made, and we say that as someone who loves Murphy’s work and respect very much what he does as an artist.

With that being said, we also understand that we’re somewhat of a hypocrite, given that we’ll still watch the series to see the story presented in its tone. It is possible that you can create a real portrayal of someone while still honoring them. For example, this season we’ve seen a take on Joan Crawford that is raw and at times troubling, but also reflective of Hollywood at that time and some of the serious issues facing women at that time. We do feel for Joan — she wasn’t always likable, but she was determined and mostly wanted to cement her legacy. To see a titan of the industry fall apart at the scenes makes for compelling, albeit depressing, television.

Are you interested to see what Murphy offers over the course of Feud season 2? Share some of your thoughts now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here if you do want to preview the season 1 finale of Feud without delay. (Photo: FX.)

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