When should Outlander season 3 trailer drop following teaser release?

Outlander season 3 trailerIf you’re like us, you’ve probably watched the Outlander season 3 teaser many times … MANY times. Given that we did a lengthy analysis of it, we lost count of how much we’ve seen it days ago. Granted, it’s pretty short — it’s a lot easier to watch 30-40 seconds than a two-minute trailer.

That seems to be the perfect transition into what we’re going to be talking about for the majority of this article: When we could see the season 3 trailer proper officially launch. It’s no secret at this point that we’re likely going to have one before the show premieres in September. After all, this is something that we received last year for season 2 prior to the teaser’s release, and for Starz, it makes sense for something more substantial to get out there into the universe.

Now that we’ve said that, we also don’t think that the network will be in any hurry to get the trailer out there. Filming for season 3 is continuing until June, so they obviously won’t want the trailer out there so early (as in, next month) so that people forget about it over the course of the summer. They also won’t want to release it so late that it doesn’t make as vast of an impact as it could.

Go back to season 2 for a moment. Starz released that trailer around two months, more or less, before it ended up premiering. By that same logic, they could release a full season 3 trailer in July. With that said, we’re also trying to think here from a marketing standpoint. If the network were to unleash the trailer then, it’d likely air before Power, which is a great show. Yet, we’re not sure that this show shares much of an audience with Outlander. That’s one of the reasons why they opted to give the first teaser out before The White Princess. The two shows have a little bit more in common in terms of the style; it also helps that they’re both set within certain periods of time.

There are two separate dates that we’re circling as great launch dates for an Outlander trailer.

June 4 – This is when the finale for The White Princess will air. In case Starz wants to keep the synergy going between the two shows, this is the way to do so.

June 18 – This is the finale for American Gods. While it may not as much in common stylistically as Outlander, both are fantastic adaptations with enormous fan followings. That has to count for something, right?

Of course, Starz could just release it now … okay, we’ll stop being greedy.

When do you want to see the Outlander season 3 trailer launch? Share in the comments!

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