NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 21 review: Mayor Hamilton returns, Agent Pride’s team solves train heist

NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 21 reviewOn Tuesday night NCIS: New Orleans fans were on the edge of their seats for the opening of the popular CBS show. In a fierce gun battle, the bad guys were on the prowl in New Orleans as a train heist had robbers stealing hundreds of Navy Weapons. The only problem with this gun battle was nobody was killed. The criminals might have gotten away with the weapons, but they didn’t want to hurt anyone in the process. Shooting rubber bullets, it appeared this crime spree had a strange twist.

Catching the case and wanting to investigate where all the guns went, Agent Pride is pulled two different directions. Believing that Mayor Hamilton is dirty, Pride listened to a wiretap. He is expected to stay close to monitor the line. If he leaves to investigate the weapons with the rest of the team, he puts the Mayor’s case in jeopardy.

Out of deep concern, Agent Pride joins the search for the guns. The gun thieves are actually people looking to do good in the gun manufacturer’s daughter and her best friends. Wanting to give the guns to an African village, the heist was to supply weapons to stop the Boko Haram from raping and killing people.

The NCIS team realizes it is an inside job. Nobody is willing to divulge where the guns are located or where they could be taken. As Agent Pride’s team watches the situation unfold, each of the gun thieves are killed. Now someone else wants the firepower for themselves: Boko Haram.

Feeling for the people in Africa, Special Agent Sonja Percy thinks the team should turn a blind eye on the crime. Suggesting that the real victims are in Africa, she seems reluctant to arrest the gun manufacturer’s daughter even though numerous laws were violated. After being given marching orders by Agent Pride, the team is told after locating the guns that an arrest will be made. Then, the case will be turned over to the prosecutors. All that is left is following the trail of the guns and make the arrest.

Arriving at the airport, the suspect leads NCIS directly to the guns and more Boko Haram terrorists. A big gun battle takes place again, with the gun manufacturer’s daughter barely making it out alive. Agent Percy was told to arrest her, but instead let her go. She was convinced that warning the African village of retribution from Boko Haram was more important. Refusing to tell Agent Pride exactly what happened, it appeared that Percy would be able to go home. That was until Mayor Hamilton got involved. He is looking for payback after realizing his office had a wiretap. He forwarded a video of Agent Percy letting the woman go without a fight and a judge placed Percy in custody. Viewers will need to wait until next week to find out Percy’s fate!

We really enjoyed the NCIS twist on Tuesday night. Sometimes deciphering the bad guys from the really bad guys is a tough job. As everyone saw on NCIS: New Orleans, if you choose your conscious over your job, you could be heading to jail. It was great to hear new music from Sheryl Crow as well! Episode grade: A-.

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