Prison Break season 5 episode 4 promo: ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’

Prison Break season 5 episode 4In looking ahead to Prison Break season 5 episode 4, the first question that pops into our head has to do with the episode’s title in “The Prisoner’s Dilemma.” How in the world has this not been a title for an episode of this show before now? It fits the show potentially better than almost anything, given that there are A) plenty of prisoners and B) plenty of dilemmas.

Now that we’re done stating the obvious, most of the indications that we get about this upcoming episode suggest that we could be in for one of the biggest episodes for Lincoln to date as he has to face some enormous challenges.

Prison Break season 5 episode 4 synopsis – “Michael, Whip and Ja make their last attempt to break from Ogygia, but must make a deal with the devil to do so. Lincoln races against the clock to help with the escape, as T-Bag meets with Kellerman to gather more info on Michael’s resurrection.”

How far will Michael go for his freedom? That is a question that we’ve asked in the past, but we have to figure that with every passing season and struggle for the character there is some mounting frustration, and he tries harder to figure out how he wants to get his life in a better position. Many of the struggles that he’s facing are understandable, human ones that we figure that anyone in his position would be encountering. It’s easy to feel for someone who is almost in this Groundhog Day situation of having to break out of various prisons around the globe and never seeing his life get much better for him.

Promo – As for what we see here, what makes this escape stand out from the others is the sheer matter of stakes. You really get the sense that this is a life-or-death situation, and for good reason. Maybe all of the unrest and the nature of the plans for various characters are over-the-top, but such is this show. If you let your brain go adrift, it starts to become a little bit easier.

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