Longmire season 6: Walt in a suit; what’s it mean?

Walt in a suitFor the latest Longmire season 6 news, we have a rather curious photo of something that we didn’t expect to be seeing anytime soon: Walt in a suit.

The photo below was shared on Instagram by actor Adam Bartley, who of course plays Deputy Ferguson a.k.a. The Ferg. Why is Walt so spiffy? That is the question. We know that there are a bunch of people online already concerned about a possible funeral because of so many characters sporting black, but we don’t think it necessarily has to be that simple. There are often way more explanations for such a thing beyond just the first thing that jumps into your mind.

For example, it’s possible that this is some other sort of super-formal gathering, a dream sequence, or even a flashback to an earlier time and a death that already happened. Use your imagination, and it’s fairly easy to come up with a number of different reasons why you could be seeing something like this.

No matter when this scene is taking place or what it is about, a part of the final season could be about stretching these characters, and putting them into positions that don’t necessarily qualify as their comfort zone. That is something that you really should want for the majority of your characters. It’s important that they start to see the world through a different set of eyes, and understand further everything that is out there within the world. When it comes to Walt Longmire, the thing we want to see from him is a meeting between the past, the present, and the future. We want him to know that it’s okay for him to change and be more up to date with the modern world. That doesn’t mean that he has to lose himself or the principles he stands for. Anytime you enter a final season for a show, you’re bound to start feeling a tad nostalgic about anything and everything. We have a feeling that with Longmire, it will be no exception.

The final season of the series will premiere on Netflix come September, and we have to figure that there are many more scoops where this came from! Stay tuned, and remember to follow this link in the event you’re curious in getting some more news in terms of what lies ahead.

What do you think the significance of this photo is? Share in the comments below. (Photo: Netflix.)


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