The Flash season 3 episode 19 photo: Grey Damon, Ashley Rickards return

Grey DamonUnfortunately, there is no new episode of The Flash airing on The CW tonight, but there is still something good coming from the made-up Department of Silver Linings — there is a new one in just one week! “The Once and Future Flash” is almost here, and we’ve got a new photo featuring the presence of two important villains.

Even though we are jumping forward to the future in the episode, clearly the Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and Top (Ashley Rickards) are still going to be around causing some trouble. When it comes to standalone villains, these two are ones we particularly enjoyed earlier this season. Mirror Master is one of our favorite Flash villains overall, so any chance to play with him on the show is one we’re going to celebrate. Adding the whole Bonnie-and-Clyde dynamic with a gender-flipped Top was a smart move, and Rickards was a part of a show we loved for many years in MTV’s Awkward.

As for how they implement themselves into this story, we’re intrigued to find out. The same goes for if the two parties are going to know anything at all about Savitar. The real Barry is traveling forward in time is to get some further information regarding the Big Bad’s identity and how to defeat him; along the way, he may learn a few things that he doesn’t like. For example, it will become clear to him that he never gets over Iris, provided that Savitar still kills her; meanwhile, Killer Frost will still be running rampant, and she is more dangerous than ever.

While we’ve certainly seen plenty of time-travel within the DC Comics – CW universe, there is something different about it within the context of this episode. A big part of it may be because of the fact that there is such a singular purpose for being in the future, and the timeline is such that you are getting a chance to see characters that are still alive. That’s the big distinction between this and Legends of Tomorrow, where they tend to not collide all that much with other versions of themselves, save of course for what we saw at the end of the second season.

There is some more news related to The Flash that we have for you over here, so be sure to take a look! We’ll be back with further insight soon. (Photo: The CW.)

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