Quantico season 2 episode 19 promo: Story for Priyanka Chopra, cast ahead

Quantico season 2 episode 19What is coming up for Priyanka Chopra and the rest of the cast on Quantico season 2 episode 19? Let’s just say that most signs are pointing towards us getting a very entertaining story ahead in “MHORDER,” an episode that continues the tradition of strange episode names based on real operations … with the same going for complicated plots.

Who do you trust, and how do you trust them? While we’ve seen a little more unity among the teams in this particular arc of the show, some of that is going to be put to the test coming up. The synopsis below gives you a pretty good indication of what’s ahead.

Quantico season 2 episode 19 synopsis – “With all the collaborators unveiled, the team uses Clay and Maxine’s engagement party to entice them into one place. The mission: turn one against the others. But everyone’s lives are put at risk when one member of the team makes a surprising decision.”

This episode seems to be for the most part a good reflection of the majority of the themes that we’ve seen for the season to date. We’re speaking of course of things like trust, relationships, and knowing when to make a move and when it’s better to sit back and let the world around you start to sort itself out. There is such a thing sometimes as being a little too aggressive, and doing something to put a target on your back when you really are better off not doing it. There are only a few episodes left this season, so we’re going to be seeing things get intense.

Promo – What we like about this episode is that you’re going to see Alex, Ryan, and many other characters largely in the same scene for much of the episode, trying to use the engagement party as a means to go about their mission. We do find that this show works best when there is a less-is-more approach, and we could get that out of the controlled chaos that is coming up.

What are you hoping to see by the time we get around to Quantico season 2 episode 19? Sound off now with some of your thoughts below!

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