Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: The latest Veto Ceremony result

Veto Ceremony resultIt took a long time for the Big Brother Canada 5 live feeds to return today, but from the moment they did, we were clamoring for a Veto Ceremony result.

When it finally happened, we got to what was ultimately a fairly predictable result — Demetres made the decision to use the Veto on himself, and then Dillon opted to nominate Sindy in his place. This likely guarantees that she leaves the game Thursday, given that she is on the block against Jackie and it makes almost no sense for anyone to get rid of her.

What is Sindy’s biggest mistake? It goes back to what we said last week — it made zero sense for her to get rid of Neda last year. Her biggest problem this year is the same big problem that she had in season 3 — Sindy wants to be seen as this Big Brother icon, and she gets itchy to make these big moves even when it doesn’t benefit her. In getting rid of Jordan in season 3, she put herself on an island and showed everyone how ruthless she can be. With Neda, she showed that she is more than willing to take out almost anyone, really regardless of whether or not they are someone who she’s been working with.

After the ceremony Bruno told Dillon that he made a mistake; meanwhile, Kevin was told by Jackie of all people that he is now on the bottom … which does seem to be true. Either he or Bruno need to win the next Head of Household Competition for either one of them to have a good shot of sticking around in the game.

Sindy is probably screwed for this week, unless Bruno and Kevin can find a way to rally some other people as a coalition against Ika and Demetres, who are currently running things. That’ll be hard this week since Sindy is seen as another number for these two. Their best hope may be pairing up with people next week to lessen Ika’s power in the game. She’s so far out in front right now that she’ll have a hard time winning this game; as of now, the people who seem to really be in a great spot are the likes of William and Dre, who seem firmly in the middle and nobody is all that interested in getting them out.

If you missed it…

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