Will a 24: Legacy season 2 happen? A deeper look at the ratings

24: Legacy season 2Given that tonight marks the finale, now does seem like the perfect time to look at the potential 24: Legacy season 2 renewal odds.

When you think about the sort of ratings threshold that Fox probably wants most of its scripted dramas to meet in order to have a shot at renewal, we’re looking along the lines of a 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic. When you look at the season average for the Corey Hawkins series, you’ll see a 1.5 and start to feel a little bit optimistic. Unfortunately, at this point you may also realize that this average is heavily-inflated because of the first show that aired following the Super Bowl.

Since that airing, the show’s ratings have steadily fallen. The show has not been at a 1.0 rating since the March 13 episode, and you have to back to February 13 to find an airing that actually posted anything higher than that. This isn’t good, and there isn’t any other way to slice it. While we’re rooting for a season 2 renewal, it’s hard to expect it when you have a show putting up a 0.9 and 0.8 rating while also having a fairly big budget thanks to all of the action sequences that are included here. It may not have too many big names in the cast, so that may be where the show saves a little coin.

In the end, the biggest argument to keep 24: Legacy around is that it does serve as a decent fill-in series for Gotham or any other show that airs in either the fall or the spring. However, one of the biggest arguments against the series is probably that you can find another show without a franchise name that can still pull in similar ratings. You may have The X-Files for this spot in the new season. One of the biggest draws to bring in more viewers would be to hunt down Kiefer Sutherland and get him back, but one of the biggest issues with that is the simple fact that he is on Designated Survivor and is probably not available more than maybe a cameo in one episode.

In the end, we hope that a 24: Legacy season 2 happens since there is so much potential with many of these characters. It’s just hard to feel extremely optimistic unless the finale delivers good numbers.

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Meanwhile, head over here right now to preview the upcoming finale further. (Photo: Fox.)


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