Big Brother Canada 5 – Emily Hawkin interview: Did Dillon help, hurt her game?

Emily Hawkin interviewOn Thursday night, Emily Hawkin was the first person evicted from Big Brother Canada and its double-eviction show, and it came at a time when she and her close alliance partner / sort-of-showmance Dillon were on the block together. It actually seemed that her undoing for the most part was the fact that she was a little more willing to play the game, and as a result of that, she put a bigger target on her back.

Thanks to Global talking Friday off as a part of the holiday weekend, we spoke with Emily this morning about whether or not working with Dillon was a good thing for her game and some of her attempts to bring the newbies together.

CarterMatt – Are you frustrated to make it so close to jury and not be a part of it? Or, are you happy to not be stuck in that house for the next few weeks?

Emily Hawkin – I don’t know, you know what? I’m like 50-50. I’m super-bummed out that I’m not in the house anymore. I wanted to be there more than anything. But, if it was between [now] and the next part of the Double Eviction, at least now I can have a little bit of normalcy. It would have been nice to have a say in who is going to win, because I was so invested in it and now, I don’t have it.

Do you think pairing up with Dillon was more of a net positive or negative in the game? Did having someone to talk to help enough that it made up for him putting a target on you?

To be honest, I think he helped me stay safe. I felt like I could be 100% myself around him, which is completely necessary in the Big Brother house. Anyone else that I would talk to, they wouldn’t get my jokes! If I was feeling down, he was there to help build be back up. I would do the same for him.

I kind of feel bad for people in the house who don’t have that support system. It helped me so much.


Why do you think some of the newbies couldn’t work together more, especially in the early going?

I tried to [have it happen]; I wanted it so bad! The first week Mark went home, and the second week I was sitting on the block. I tried to get it into the newbies’ heads that if we didn’t stick together, they were going to pick us off one by one; but, nobody was down for [working together]. So I did what I had to do and started to align myself with more vets than newbies.

Well, I’m here now (laughs), so I don’t know if that was super-wise.

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We will have our exit interview with Neda online a little later this morning over at the link here. Stay tuned, and share your thoughts about Emily’s game in the comments.

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