Veep episode 6 episode 1 review: Does Selina want to be President again?

Veep season 6 episode 1 reviewWhat would the world look like for Selina Meyer one year removed from her short-lived term as President? This was the basis for the Veep season premiere, one entitled “Omaha” that featured Selina venturing back out in the world.

What did that specifically entail? First and foremost, a publicity tour as she started to promote some initiatives, including her new Meyer Fund that was going to look at helping adult literacy … and AIDS. The delivery here was somewhat Michael Scott like, but that seems appropriate given that there are some clear similarities between Selina and Michael Scott. For one, Selina swears more.

Along the way, we also got some updates on other characters — Amy was still working on campaigns, Dan was working with CBS, Mike was being Mr. Mom in the “baby bubble,” Gary and Richard were still with Selina, and Jonah was recovering from his cancer and still serving in Congress.

After her TV appearance, Selina determined that her next big goal was going to be public speaking on private jets. Ambitious, no? She was targeting Omaha, and as the episode progressed, it started to become clear what her endgame was: Running for President again. She’s going to Omaha because of its proximity to Iowa, which is of course integral for campaigns. Here’s the problem — not everyone else was open to it. Catherine specifically melted down over it. The same went for Ben.

We don’t know why in the world anyone would vote for Selina again … but hey, it’s 2017. That is not really all that much of a joke anymore.

As for the comedy…

Veep still has it. This is one of the funniest shows on TV, and while it was slightly disconcerting to see so many cast members all separated and away from each other, much of the payoff ended up being worth it as we got to see little updates on various characters. Some great bits included Selina continually acting like Mike’s children were dogs, Marjorie referring to Selina as “mom,” and Selina being six months behind on her book — she hasn’t even written a single word yet. Also, Jonah was lying about the severity of his cancer, judging from the frequency in which he was shaving his head. The entire closing scene with Dan and Jonas was hysterical — and Jonah melting down somehow helped his career.

All in all, Veep is back, and it’s every bit as funny as we remembered. Nobody’s all that likable, but we’ve come to expect not to root for anyone on the show anymore. Grade: A-.

What’s coming up on Veep season 6?

While we don’t have a preview for the entire season, you can head over here to see specifically what is coming up on the show next week. (Photo: HBO.)

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