Chicago Justice episode 9 review: Gun control; the Abigail Chapman case

Chicago Justice episode 9 reviewGoing into this Chicago Justice episode 9 review, we thought we were going to get a case that was reflective somewhat of Amanda Knox. After all, this was by and large how this episode was promoted, and we anticipated that we’d be getting a story that was in many ways a reflection of that.

While there were some similarities to Knox in the case of Abigail Chapman, the end result was actually a very different story as a whole. The foundation for the case began when a woman in Kennedy was shot at an escape room, and all indications started to point towards Chapman being the killer. After all, she was tried previously for a murder overseas in Spain, and the country wanted her back so badly that they were hiring bounty hunters in order to bring you back.

In the end, though, the evidence was pointing towards a different young woman in Bethany for the kill. Why? Much of that had to do with the sole fact that her prints were on the murder weapon. She eventually confessed, but made it clear that she did so out of self-defense. She saw the gun, and as a result of that, she claimed that she thought that killing her was the only choice in saving her own life.

So who ended up being the closer for the cast? None other than Abigail Chapman herself, who could prove that there was a connection between the victim and Bethany. The problem there is that because of Abigail’s history, Stone needed someone else in order to make sure that the jury got the picture. From there, he was able to eventually establish a connection between Bethany and her history professor. There was a bond there that was so powerful that the moment that the professor said something controversial, something that could cost him tenure, Bethany was willing to kill Kennedy to keep the recording from said statement from going public.

Stone did get his way, but once again, what makes Chicago Justice great is how they manage to make it to that point. This episode had as good of a mystery as we’ve seen all season long. The show is starting to really hit its stride, especially when it comes to learning who some of these characters are and giving them mysteries that are unique and also challenging. Grade: B+.

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