Is Madam Secretary new tonight? Who’s getting kidnapped?

Madam Secretary newThere are two different questions within the title, and we’ll start by answering “is Madam Secretary is new tonight?” on CBS. Alas, we come bearing some bad news on that. There is no new episode airing tonight thanks to the network decision to plot some sort of music special instead.

However, it does appear as though we’re going to have a chance to see some other exciting stuff coming up down the road this season. Henry’s story for the doomsday cult will continue for several weeks on end, while you can also be prepared to see a pretty terrifying kidnapping take place, as well, during the upcoming April 30 episode entitled “Extraordinary Hazard.” This is a show that does put many of its characters into difficult and compromising positions here and there, so it’s hardly much of a shock to see that someone would be compromised further.

For more, you don’t have to look any further than the attached synopsis:

“As the U.S. hunts for the person believed to be behind the CIA arms smuggling case, Elizabeth and her team must work to save Jay when he’s kidnapped in Nice, France, during a fact-finding mission into the suspect. Also, Henry suspects the doomsday cult is planning an attack in Israel, and Jason dupes his parents into giving him money for an expensive calculator when he’s really using it to impress a girl.”

We’ll be the first to admit that there is something a little bit jarring about reading the majority of that only to see at the very end of it some news about Jason wanting to get an expensive calculator. In the early days of the show, we wondered whether or not the triviality of some of those stories could work when paired up against a few other things that are of a far greater severity and magnitude. We don’t necessarily know how they manage to do it, but the show finds a way to have this happen in a way that does make sense.

There are still a few more episodes to go this season, so even if you are feeling a little bummed out about the hiatus today, know that more good stuff is coming down the road!

Want to get some further news right now when it comes to Madam Secretary? Then be sure to head over to the link here right now! We’ll have some further news now as we get around to the episode airing. (Photo: CBS.)

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