Better Call Saul season 3 episode 2 sneak peek: Mike in the night

Better Call Saul season 3If you’re interested in a Better Call Saul season 3 episode 2 sneak peek all about Mike, you’re in the right place as Monday’s episode nears.

In going back to the end of season 2, it’s clear at this point that there are watchful eyes monitoring Mike and keeping abreast as to everything that he is up to. More than that, these said watchful eyes are doing what they can in order to ensure that he doesn’t get too close to their operation. This sneak peek is almost a meeting of said minds, as we get a better opportunity to see who some of these people are, how meticulous they are, and how they are still somehow a few steps behind that it is that Mike is doing. This is a big part, after all, of what makes Jonathan Banks’ character so brilliant. He’s got the resourcefulness of MacGyver combined with the patience of a military sniper. He knows how to orchestrate a plan and then execute it with the best precision possible.

There is an odd irony, though, to watching this scene and the entire “Mabel” storyline in the premiere with Mike — how the character’s life is over in Breaking Bad. We will continue to contend that the death of his character is the biggest mistake made in the original series, largely because it remains so difficult to comprehend how someone could outsmart this man, especially someone in Walter White who had only been in the game for so long. It’s understandably why Vince Gilligan needed Mike to go so that Walt could stand even further on the top of his empire, but it remains a trouble spot and there are times when we try not to think about the end when watching some of these scenes.

As for Jimmy McGill, however, we think of little other than the end, especially in terms of that Cinnabon opening in the premiere. If Gilligan and Peter Gould make us wait until we get to the premiere to understand if he is alive or not…

One other note we want to hand out on this sneak peek — the lighting is stunning. Not that excellent cinematography on this show is something that should surprise anyone.

(Photo: AMC.)

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