Is Homeland new tonight on Showtime? See first season 7 teaser

Is Homeland new tonightIs Homeland new tonight on Showtime? Given that the show delivered such a gut-punch to the system just on this past episode, it is understandable to want to have a little bit more coming up.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as though that’s going to be happening as we move into the remainder of the year. There is no new episode coming on Showtime tonight; as a matter of fact, there is not a new episode airing in between now and when the show is likely coming back in early 2018; while we suppose it’s possible in theory that the show reverts back to a fall schedule, that feels very unlikely given that this is a show that takes some time to put its story together and most likely, it won’t start up production until either the summer or the fall. (There will be further updates along the way.)

While it’s understandable to go ahead and want details on season 7, there really aren’t too many that are out there at the moment. The biggest sort of tease that we can offer came in the closing minutes of season 6, where we saw Carrie looking towards the Capitol Building. This is a moment that we have to assume is one of great significance, given that she’s not just staring off at the White House, the place that she was previously removed from after President Keane made a series of shocking moves that cut off ties with many of the people who helped advised her during her transition into the Oval Office.

Maybe she is looking towards the Capitol as a place of hope, and an opportunity to turn things around and become a political contender in her own right. This is one of those situations ultimately where the possibilities are pretty endless, and there are a number of different things that Carrie could end up doing.

We do think the idea of her running for office would be interesting, but it would absolutely be a challenge given her history with both mental illness and the inevitable digging that would come up on Franny. Another scenario is that she finds a way to convince someone else into a different sort of public service.

The first “teaser”

There is nothing in the way of new footage here, but it is likely no coincidence that this ends with Claire Danes’ character and the Capitol much like the season did. Consider this a reminder that season 7 is coming, and Carrie’s story still has a ways to go.

Before you depart this article, we do recommend that you head over here to get some further insight from Rupert Friend on the end of his own legendary character in Peter Quinn, who was such an integral part of this story for a long time and someone we will certainly miss.

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