Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Veto winner, Bruno’s pleading

Veto winnerTonight, Big Brother Canada 5 wrapped up its Power of Veto Competition, and you should have seen the winner coming given his competition prowess so far.

In the end, Demetres bought himself safety for the week! He certainly ended it given that we know Dillon is coming after him. This does ensure potentially that both he and Ika stay safe for another week, given all of the work that we’ve seen Ika put in with Dillon since he ended up winning the HoH power.

As a matter of fact, we’ve seen plenty of campaigning even since the Veto for Ika to be safe this week, and for Sindy to be the replacement nominee instead. This is someone whose elimination would be great presumably for Ika, but not so great for the likes of Kevin and Bruno given that she is one of their closest remaining allies.

Bruno, however, is trying his best to not have that happen. He tried hard to convince Dillon to nominate Ika instead, and while we do think Bruno is really persuasive, he seemed to go a little bit too hard. Dillon expressed to Karen later that Bruno was trying to defend Sindy in a way that was a little bit suspicious, and that had him concerned about potential ulterior motives. If Dillon puts up Sindy, then he ends up doing in turn the work of Ika and Demetres. They are promising him safety next week, but there’s no guarantee that he listens.

Interestingly, Karen still seems interested in trying to convince Dillon to put up Kevin, even though she’s not entirely sure that he will do it. Karen is an interesting #1 ally for Dillon now given that the two could need each other, then work with Dre in the process to form an interesting three-newbie alliance to go far in the game.

Above all else, though, signs are pointing to us losing a FIFTH veteran early in the game. All of the returning players now are big targets, and Ika is too far divided from the other three for it to seemingly work where they are all able to team up again. This may be the worst overall performance that we’ve seen from any returning players of any show we’ve seen … at least for now.

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