Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 17 sneak peek: A twist on the curse

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 17 sneak peekThe sleeping curse inflicting on Snow and Charming is the focus of this Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 17 sneak peek; be prepared for drama … and also potentially heartbreak.

After all, we’re seeing some desperation to try and get the curse that was on Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas’ characters lifted once and for all. We know that the desire to have it happen is there, given the fact that both Snow and Charming are characters who have gone through a lot already and deserve to be together. More than that, they’ve got almost the entirety of Storybrooke on their side and there are few people at this point who don’t want to see the two of them reach this point of happiness.

Specifically, we’re seeing both Regina and Zelena both help in their own way to try to get the two awake at the same time once more — who ever thought that we’d get to the point of all of these people working together? That’s what having a common enemy will do to you. Everyone’s starting to become aware both of the Black Fairy and the final battle to come, and that’s helping everyone to be a little bit more centered and focused on that goal.

The problem that Regina and Zelena quickly realize in their attempts to help Snow and Charming is that a former adversary in the Evil Queen has made this problem a little bit more difficult to resolve than they first thought that it would be. Specifically, we’re talking here about she managed to install a failsafe into the curse so that if someone tries to break it, she can shut them down and make them effectively unable to do anything to change course. Thanks to the meddling, it now looks as though if Regina and Zelena don’t figure out a solution within 24 hours, the two will be asleep forever.

While there may be rumors out there regarding whether or not Snow and Charming are gone after the season, let’s make one thing very much clear — we don’t want to see them go like this. That’s just depressing.

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