Fargo season 3: Ewan McGregor, cast set up story

FargoFargo season 3 will be premiering on FX on Wednesday night, and judging from the latest video preview (released by the network), this is going to be as complicated as any of the cases that we’ve seen play out over the years.

In this preview, several difference cast members do their best to explain, without handing down major spoilers, some of what the show for the upcoming season is going to be about. The big point of excitement casting-wise is getting to see Ewan McGregor play two brothers, each with a very distinct look and personality. It would’ve been one thing had he taken on two roles that were physically similar to one another, but each one of these guys clearly requires a very different makeup job and a different approach. One of them is far smoother than the other; he’ll get a chance to be suave and sophisticated, and then also rough around the ages.

Basically, Ewan can go ahead and set himself up for some awards consideration a little bit later this year. It’s hard to imagine him getting ignored for this if the show is good, even in a crowded field.

Meanwhile, this preview also features interviews with two of the other stars for the new season, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Carrie Coon. For the latter, this is an especially significant week given that she has the season premiere of The Leftovers on Sunday followed by this show on Wednesday night. She is following the long line of great police officers on this show. They are small beacons of good in a world that is often defined by darkness.

If there is one thing about season 3 that is rather ambiguous, it’s that it is not entirely clear just yet who the central villain could be. The first two seasons had more in the way of scenery-chewing adversaries, but the show may just be keeping its cards closer to the vest this time. The one thing we do feel is that executive producer Noah Hawley has earned a right for us to be patient. Other than a questionable alien storyline in season 2, this is one of the best cable franchises going.

Based on what you’ve seen and heard so far, what do you expect from Fargo season 3? Are you just as excited for this as you were prior iterations? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out some further news related to Fargo at our official archive page for the show. (Photo: FX.)

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