Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Sindy works Dillon

Sindy works DillonLast night, we clearly saw a sea change in the Big Brother Canada 5 house. With Neda evicted, almost everything changes and alliances are shaken up big-time.

For the record, we’re going to have exit interviews with both Neda and Emily come Monday. Global is taking off today with it being Good Friday, so rest assured that those are still coming.

If you recall, we said over the course of last weekend that William made a good move nominating Dillon and Emily, and that’s proving to be true now since that move bought him trust with Kevin and Bruno. After Kevin lived up to his word, Kevin and Bruno are now trying to bring in William and Dre to work with them. They’re realizing more now that Ika and Demetres are big threats to their games, and they want some new numbers to help themselves.

The big issue here is just how close Ika and Dre are, and how Ika seems to be in a better position now than before to pull some strings. There are people who want her out, but surprisingly, she’s not anyone’s #1 target seemingly. Dillion (who won Head of Household last night — an extremely long one) seems to be gunning more for Demetres, and Sindy’s working to convince him to nominate Jackie instead of Ika. Whether or not this sticks or if he’s just telling her what she wants to hear, that remains to be seen. If Dillon does nominate Ika, then she may realize that targeting Neda was a big mistake for her game this early. We already know that it was for Sindy, given that Ika is already throwing her name out there as a target and there is zero chance that would happen in the event Neda stayed and was still a big target in the house.

For the record, if Sindy does somehow go this week and she finds out that Ika’s the reason, it’s going to be very tough for Ika to get jury votes at the end. No matter who you are, you have to make people feel good about you when you’re leaving the house. This is why we’ve seen people like Dan and Paul lose the game despite playing very well otherwise over the course of the season.

We’ll have some more Big Brother Canada live feed updates soon over at the link here — as always, stay tuned for some further updates. (Photo: Global.)

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