Britain’s Got Talent: Jess Robinson’s thrilling audition; impressions galore

Jess RobinsonBritain’s Got Talent will air its first audition show this weekend, and leading up to that, Jess Robinson is a name you should know.

Robinson is the first contestant that we’re spotlighting for the new season, and she has that rare ability to do a number of things well beyond just doing great impressions. That’s not easy, but we’ve seen time and time again people go up on stage and do different voices without much of a theme, a rhyme, or a reason behind it. For those who tend to do that, it ends up falling flatter than a lead balloon.

Jess Robinson, meanwhile, seems to have a really well-constructed set here in terms of an introduction, a through-line, and a lot of impressions crammed into a very short amount of time. You’ve got in here Sharon Osbourne, Katherine Jenkins, Cheryl Cole, and many others in a very short amount of time. What also makes this work is that she’s a fairly impressive singer to go along with an impressionist, which is essential to actually making this work. You’ve gotta go a mile-a-minute on this show to really get the attention of some occasionally-fickle judges when it comes to comedy acts (other than David Walliams, of course — he even loves comedy when it’s unintentional).

With auditions like this, there is really no element of surprise since you know that Robinson will be going to the next round — Britain’s Got Talent rarely turns away any sort of legitimate talent at this stage of the competition. So long as you’re bringing a lot of joy and passion to what you’re doing, and you’re making the crowd in the room happy, there is a fairly good chance that you’ll move on.

As for what Jess will need to work on moving into the next round, think along the lines of consistency and finding new voices to surprise the panel. This is one of the super-challenging things about being a comedy act on the show — you’re constantly having to change things up given that so much of your act is about the element of surprise. Maybe you can flesh out impressions and characters if you’ve got longer sets, but here you are dealing with anywhere from 90-120 seconds the majority of the time.

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