MacGyver finale sneak peeks: Bozer in danger; an escape plan

MacGyver finale sneak peekLeading up to tonight, why not take a look at some MacGyver finale sneak peeks? “Cigar Cutter” is the name for the last episode of the spring, and this installment should prove interesting given the level of danger that Mac and the rest of the team are in.

Before we get to that, though, let’s take a look at what some of the groundwork for the installment is. In the first sneak peek below, you get a sense of what is meant to be a little more of a peaceful time for Mac and the rest of the team, given that they’re getting a moment or two to unwind. Specifically, it’s Cairo Day, which to Jack is a national holiday that makes him want to avoid work at all costs. He refuses to let Mac take a call from Matty about something potentially going on over at the Phoenix Foundation. Unfortunately, we’ve got a bad feeling that Jack is probably not going to get what he wants here.

Really, nobody is going to get what they want as one of Murdoc’s former cellmates (played by Mark A. Sheppard of Supernatural fame) is going to do what they can in order to infiltrate the foundation and make life for everyone inside a living hell. At some point, Mac and Jack will arrive before this happens; as the promo for “Cigar Cutter” showed, Bozer is also going to find himself in a little bit of jeopardy after he gets stabbed. He’s bleeding out on the floor, and the remainder of the team has to figure out a way to properly help him. In order to do that, though, they may have to help themselves escape from the dangerous situation they’re in.

You get a good sense of the urgency involved in this episode in the second sneak peek, given that it shows you precisely what sort of danger the team is in and how they’re going to have to race against time to ensure that Bozer emerges in one piece. You gotta love the commitment that they’ve got for the guy — just as you also gotta love Matty saying to him “if you die, you’re fired.” How great of an addition has Meredith Eaton been to the show since she arrived? She’s one of the many reasons we think that MacGyver has become such a part of our weekly rotation.

We’ll be back tonight with further coverage of the finale, so we suggest that you head over to the link here if you’re interested in checking a lot of that out! (Photo: CBS.)

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