The Flash season 3 spoilers: The Vibe vs. Killer Frost battle is here

Vibe vs. Killer FrostEarlier this season, one of the big prophecies that we saw on The Flash was a battle between Vibe and Killer Frost. With that, there were conspiracy theories aplenty. For example, there were some people who suggested that maybe Cisco was the one who betrayed the team and went to the dark side.

However, we now know that this is not exactly the case. Granted, it’s not like Caitlin Snow turned as result of anything that she did, but the end result here is still the end result. Killer Frost is frosty thanks to Julian, who in turn just wanted to save her out of his affection for her.

Anyway, you are going to see the battle between Caitlin and Cisco on the upcoming May 2 episode entitled “I Know Who You Are.” This installment is going to give you a prime opportunity to see what happens when these characters do battle, but this is going to be an incredibly difficult situation for him to take on. Caitlin is one of his best friends. How would you react to being told that you may have to potentially kill your best friend? Even if you think that you are making the move for the good of your other friends, it’s still an almost-impossible task for her to take on.

As for what else is coming in this episode, this will mark the arrival of Anne Dudek as Tracy Brand, a scientist who may know how to stop Savitar in their tracks once and for all. Do they have a connection to the god of speed? We have to assume that this could be the case.

Meanwhile, this episode will also feature something big for the relationship between Joe West and his new girlfriend Cecile. Watching these two evolve has been one of the most consistent parts of the season so far (there’s been very little drama there), but we do think that sooner or later, that’s going to happen. No relationship is void of that.

Hopefully, the hiatus until the show returns on Tuesday, April 25 will go by fairly quickly. Otherwise, this showdown is going to take a painfully long time to get there, and we’re excited to see what happens.

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