Riverdale episode 10: Varchie, Bughead, and other highlights

VarchieMrs. Carter: What do you need to know about Riverdale episode 10?

There are a few things that we would consider to be pressing news … with most of them revolving around the birthday party that (as Jughead put it) turned into a Seth Rogen film.

Betty, based mostly on her own altruistic desire to make her boyfriend Jughead feel better about his birthday (he’s not a fan, though Jughead doesn’t feel like a fan of most things), decided that she was going to do everything that she could to give him one that he wouldn’t forget. Therefore, we saw a celebration that was meant to be small, intimate, and fun but was still one that he wasn’t thrilled out.

Consider this the first major fight of the Bughead relationship since the two got together, given that he wasn’t willing to see the good in what she was doing. Eventually, that turned around, but it took him both seeing the party descend into chaos and having him get pummeled before he started to put things in the right perspective. Interestingly, one of the people who helped him to see the light was his own father, and we know at this point that it’s hardly as though these two have the best relationship in the world.

We are still rooting for them to work out, but there are some other issues that the two are facing … and one of them has to do with another couple in the episode.

Varchie rising?

At the end of the episode, we saw one of the interesting affects of the party as a newly-unattached Archie got a little bit closer to Veronica. Given that he was sleeping on the floor we don’t know how far they went beyond a make-out session, but still, this is gonna have some consequences!

Specifically, think here in terms of the fact that Betty’s being kept out on the loop, even by Jughead, on what went down. This is the sort of thing that could come back to her and cause major Bughead problems down the line. The thing that we have to remember, even if we don’t want to, is that we’re only ten episodes into the series. The odds of Betty and Jughead staying together for the long haul are low. As for Archie and Veronica – well Archie has dated or made out with at least 4 or 5 women since this series started so we don’t think this is setting the stage for happily ever after. He’s just not there yet.

Ultimately, chaos will likely be the name of the game for all of these couples moving forward, but we’re excited to see where the story goes! To preview the return of Riverdale, head over to this link!

Meanwhile, tell us which couples you are rooting for in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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