Chicago Med season 2 episode 20 review: Dr. Halstead’s father; a story of sons

Chicago Med season 2 episode 20 review

Tonight, Chicago Med season 2 episode 20 gave us a story that was all about parents and children, and how sometimes, we often don’t want to admit that the younger generation is stronger or better.

Sometimes, admitting the truth is one of the most difficult things that any person can do. For the father of Will and Jay Halstead, we saw this in a very up-close-and-personal way throughout “Generation Gap.” He entered the hospital as a patient, and a very reluctant one at that. He refused to acknowledge that his son Will made the right decision in his career, and also continued to struggle when it comes to accepting the position that he was in.

Then, when he got into surgery and realized the extent of what he needed to have done in order for his heart to function property, we got a much better sense of how he truly felt. He made it clear that he did love and admire his son, but he was never willing to actually show that side to him.

“Thanks, kid.” That was the response that Will got once his father recovered from surgery, and was it ever emotional. Just that one little moment showed that the father had learned from this journey and this encounter.

The struggles of Robyn

Just last week, Dr. Charles’ daughter started to complain about there being rats in Dr. Rhodes’ apartment. Unfortunately, nobody else saw them, and Connor started to become increasingly concerned that something was terribly off with her behavior. This escalated further when the behavior patterns continued, and eventually as a result of that Rhodes went to Dr. Charles for advice. At first, he didn’t take him seriously. That changed when he started to realize that Connor was telling the truth and Robyn was seeing rat droppings that simply weren’t there.

A blossoming romance

Are we ‘shipping Noah Sexton and Sarah Reese? We’re starting to, if for no other reason than that Noah seemed more than supportive as Dr. Reese took on one of her newest projects — trying to help some high school students understand the responsibility of having a child. This study helped Sarah to sympathize more with students, and also made her realize why she was so insecure about welcoming children.

Our overall take

This was an episode that was passionate, emotional, heartfelt, and everything in between. While the story about Natalie’s patient and her child wasn’t as eye-popping as the others, we did still find it compelling enough.

Ultimately, this was a story about family, maybe everyone’s perspective managed to change by the time we got around to the end of the hour. Grade: B+.

When is Chicago Med coming back on the air?

If you do want to find out some more news on the return date for the show, head over to the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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