The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 21 review: Meet Bert’s girlfriend

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 21Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory ended with getting to see another edition of “Fun with Flags.” Specifically, we’re talking about a retrospective special that featured Sheldon and Amy trying to celebrate the legacy of the show. The best part of this, aside of the performance from Howard and Raj, was the lack of callers commemorating the occasion … beyond Bert, of course. He was fine to call in repeatedly with the announcement that he had a girlfriend, and he wanted everyone to know.

For the record, her name is Rebecca, she’s played by April Bowlby (see above), and Bert clearly wanted everyone to meet her. He was so excited for everyone to meet her … and in turn, Sheldon was so excited to rail on Bert in the way that Sheldon always tends to.

However, not too long after meeting Rebecca, the pieces started to become a little bit more clear as to why she was with Bert — his money. After putting that he received an enormous grant on his dating profile, he met her five minutes later. Even the most romantic of people would have a hard time overlooking that.

The moment that Rebecca went to the bathroom, it was clear even more that she was using him for money. He bought her a flatscreen! After that chat, Bert realized the next day that he was probably going to break up with her. Then, he did. Then, he felt bad about it and felt like he made a huge mistake. Then, he wanted to buy Rebecca a jetski. Who knows where this will end? For the time being, that’s all we got.

Howard and Bernadette’s new struggle

These two are preparing to go back to work, and that meant that they would need to figure out how to care for Halley. Bernadette was fretting over the right daycare, even though there was one right on campus that Howard could easily get to. Eventually she opted to head back to work while Howard watched over her while she was at her day-care center. This is a slow transition for them, but they’ll adjust and figure this out.

At first, the scene of Howard at daycare was sweet, but then it got ridiculous when we saw Stuart turn up there.


First of all, the line of the night was “birds mess with my hair, I come back hard” — that was Stuart, making chicken as a way to get revenge after a trip to the zoo. The episode was funny, and while the whole story with Bert was rather rudimentary and not all that far off from when Katie Leclerc appeared for the first time as Raj’s girlfriend (the show did briefly reference that), we did still get some laughs out of it. Grade: B+.

The future of The Big Bang Theory this season

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