The Amazing Race 29 episode 3 promo: Someone loses their passport

The Amazing Race 29 episode 3The Amazing Race 29 episode 3 airing on CBS tonight is going to be an enormous episode for the show. We don’t know quite how you can say anything otherwise in the context of what the promo below reveals.

In this preview, you can see that one team commits what is the cardinal sin of the entire franchise, and that is losing your passport. Without it, you can’t travel anywhere, and there is nothing that the production can do to help you. Even after teams have been eliminated for losing said passport, we’ve heard horror stories about the time it takes for some of them to get one back and be able to travel again.

Hopefully, whatever team is in this situation is able to retrace their steps and figure out precisely what happened to it. Even if you do get eliminated as a result, you don’t want to be in that scary situation where you’re in a foreign country and you have to wait in order to get safe passage out of there. (It is possible that whoever made this mistake will figure it out in time, especially if they’ve got a big lead over the other teams. Plus, you have to remember there is a U-Turn in play tonight.)

The sneak peek for the episode below continues to show that Matt & Redmond do a terrible job of trying to stay under the radar; instead, they do things that are frustrating to other racers and put an enormous target on their backs. In this particular instance, what we are seeing is the two guys cutting in line seemingly to get the edge on taking a ferry out to Zanzibar. It’s possible that this moves helps to get them to the U-Turn first now, and gives them the chance to push back someone like Vanck & Ashton, who they already betrayed once this season with the helicopter deal last week. However, this could render them ineligible to use a U-Turn down the road, and leaves them very vulnerable to being targeted then. They’re not playing this game well in the long-term, so they better hope that they are fast and strong enough to avoid any backlash that could come their way.

Aside from all the Race drama, there is a lot to be excited about going into this episode. For one, we should get a rather fantastic opportunity to see a location that hasn’t been utilized much on the show before; 29 seasons in, that is something that is rather difficult to do without visiting places that are deemed or defined as dangerous.

Share some of your thoughts and predictions for tonight’s Amazing Race 29 episode in the comments! We’ll be back later in the week with more from this episode. (Photo: CBS.)


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