Major Crimes season 5 finale reaction: Everything blows up

Major Crimes season 5 finale reactionThe Major Crimes season 5 finale on TNT was explosive, and we’re not just saying that so that we can say that we came up with some clever pun. This was one of the craziest episodes in the history of the show, and from a distance, there wasn’t much in the way of good news to write home about.

Specifically, we start things off here with the fact that the whole division blew up as a part of the plot with the bomber. Given that this at one point was going to be the final episode, the fact that showrunner James Duff wanted to blow up the set should not be a huge surprise.

In speaking about this further to the New York Post, Duff had the following message to pass along:

“We tried to create a huge spectacle for our fan base and we saved our budget dollars to do it.”

Duff also said that he specifically chose to not kill off any other characters on the show after what had already happened in the first half of the season — maybe it would have been realistic for someone to die, but he didn’t have the heart to ultimately do it.

Moving forward into season 6, there’s a good chance that you’ll see a Sharon / Andy wedding sooner rather than later. As for Rusty, let’s hope that he finds someone else after the end of his relationship with Gus. The downfall of this was fairly easy for him to telegraph, but that does not make it any less painful in retrospect to sit back and see precisely how all of this unfolded. He’s still young, though, and there are opportunities for him to move forward and see if he can find someone else.

Looking ahead to Major Crimes season 6

Obviously, everyone will rebuild, and there are going to be some further opportunities to experience what the new Division looks like and how the show is struggled. Sharon did receive a promotion to Commander by the end of the finale, and that could change some of how the team operates depending on how accurate they choose to make the show in relation to the LAPD.

If you are interested in getting some other news in regards to when the sixth season could premiere, head over to the link here.

Meanwhile, we suggest that you share your thoughts on the finale and some of its key events in the comments. (Photo: TNT.)

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