The Blacklist: Redemption finale: Famke Janssen hints at closure

Famke Janssen

Thursday night marks the Blacklist: Redemption finale over on NBC, and over the course of that episode, one of the things that we are looking forward to is having a few answers regarding Scottie Hargrave’s true intentions, who is running Halcyon Aegis, and if Tom Keen will be able to escape their grasp to return home to be with Liz.

Based on some of the new information that we have courtesy of one Famke Janssen, it does appear that there are some answers coming … just not on everything. Janssen (appearing earlier this morning on The Today Show), offered up the following as a teaser in terms of what is coming on the show:

“Some things are going to be wrapped up … There’s going to be a fight between myself and my loving husband Howard over who has ownership of Halcyon and who speaks the truth and who lies. In a very typical sort of Blacklist fashion, some things are going to be wrapped up and some things are going to be left open.”

This means, effectively, that there will be a cliffhanger, which is certainly a cause for some concern given that there is no guarantee that there will be a season 2 renewal for The Blacklist: Redemption. In the event that it is canceled, though, one of the things that you can be hopeful about is that NBC could still have The Blacklist proper next year, and they could easily bring a couple of these characters over there in order to get some further answers. Technically, we could see Tom running around with the Halcyon team as his full-time job, with the likes of Liz, Reddington and the FBI Task Force calling on him for various missions.

We don’t want to put the cart before the horse here. For the time being, let’s just be satisfied with the fact that you are going to get an opportunity to see everything come to a head in terms of the show’s story. This past episode (read the review here) was by far the best episode of the entire season. All of the dangling threads have started to come together, and in a way that has us enormously excited to see more of where the series could go from here in the finale and possibly beyond.

What do you want to see on the Blacklist: Redemption finale? Be sure to share now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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