Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale forecast: Alex, Jo, and darkness on the edge of town

Grey's Anatomy season 13 finale forecastEntering this Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale forecast, we feel a sweeping sense of dread washing over us … mostly because this is similar to what we feel almost any time that we think about a finale for this particular show. Grey’s Anatomy kills people off, breaks people up, tears out our hearts, and then carves up said hearts and serves them for lunch Hannibal-style.

With this in mind, we have to wonder what the show is going to do for the thirteenth season — it’s considered by many to be an unlucky number, and early indications suggest that there are some characters out there who are not going to be feeling all that lucky as we look forward towards the story ahead.

What will happen – Early indications suggest that another disaster could be coming; if nothing else, the word “fire” was bandied about recently, which could mean that the hospital gets set ablaze … or it could mean that there is some other fire that requires the efforts of the doctors remotely to assist in the recovery effort. Or, maybe this is a metaphor when talking about the fire and the passion of some of the characters on the show. One way or another, there will be fire.

Maybe this fire is mostly a reference to the devil … otherwise known as Jo’s estranged husband. There are rumors out there that Matthew Morrison of Glee fame is playing the character; we do know that Morrison will be turning up near the end of the season, and this certainly seems like the sort of character you’d introduce around the finale. Given that so much of the season was about her and Alex, this would give the show a pretty powerful full-circle feeling.

For those wondering, Morrison’s character is the origin for the Bruce Springsteen reference in the title.

What should happen – Give Jo a victory and have this guy get arrested, and have her feeling for the first time like she can use her real name and be her true self. Give Jo and Alex a little bit of closure, given the guy certainly deserves it after everything that he’s been through.

As for Meredith, give us a sense as to what her future could be with Riggs or anyone else. If there is some strife in the relationship department, give it in the form of Arizona / Minnick or some other pair we’re not that invested in. We know that Grey’s Anatomy is not a show that offers that much happiness in relationships, but after the end of Callie / Arizona, Cristina / Owen, and Meredith / Derek, give the audience a reason to smile.

Oh, and give us a cliffhanger. Just don’t have it be about a relationship. Leave someone’s life hanging in the balance or some other crazy thing. This is one of the things that this show does the best.

How do you think that Grey’s Anatomy season 13 should conclude? Share some of your thoughts now in the comments! Meanwhile, be sure to head over here to score some other news when it comes to the series. (Photo: ABC.)

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