Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 17: The depressing rise of Evil Fitz

Evil FitzAgents of SHIELD season 4 episode 17 on ABC Tuesday night brought us a little bit further into the Framework, and the more that we saw, the more heartbreaking this new world became.

Specifically, we’re talking mostly about the downfall of this version of Leo Fitz. The kind, sweet engineering and tech guru was a cruel, ruthless killer for Madame Hydra in his episode. The two were romantically intertwined, and Fitz found himself interestingly at the center of a conflict we didn’t expect. After Madame Hydra went to war against Radcliffe, effectively getting revenge on her captor for his enslavement, he did perhaps the most cold-blooded thing possible — murdering Agnes, the real inspiration for Aida and the woman desperate to find an escape within this world, in front of both Radcliffe and also Jemma.

While Fitz may not be himself, Jemma is — and we have to imagine that this is an act that is going to stick with her.

The fact that Jemma knew so much made her a focal point of discussion, especially when it comes to the few folks remaining at SHIELD. Jeffrey Mace still is trying to run the show, but he’s in an even more desperate position here than otherwise. While Jemma arrived to speak with Mace in the closing minutes, it was Mack’s arrival after a chat with Daisy that may eventually turn the tide.

The cliffhanger

Unfortunately, Daisy found herself captured, and in the closing minutes of the episode she found herself on the receiving end of a nasty interrogation from Evil Fitz. He looked at her test results, which gave him some pretty troublesome news when it comes to her Inhuman status. The episode ended with her getting carted away.

We have to say that we do love where Agents of SHIELD is right now in terms of being ambitious and pushing the envelope when it comes to its stories. What’s somewhat devastating is seeing what they are doing to a character that we’ve come to love so much over time.

What’s next on Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 17?

The story for Fitz is far from over. If you head over to this link now, you can get a preview for specifically what is coming on the show next week. (Photo: ABC.)

What did you think about Tuesday night’s episode, and some of what we saw transpire tonight with Evil Fitz? Share in the comments.

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