Supergirl season 2 finale spoilers: Tyler Hoechlin returning as Superman

Tyler HoechlinJust in case you wanted the Supergirl season 2 finale to be extra super, we think that the following news serves that purpose.

According to a new report from E! News, Tyler Hoechlin is poised to return for this episode as Clark Kent / Superman, which marks his first appearance since the second episode of the season. Next to Cat Grant, he’s had a longer absence than almost anyone within this world. He’s certainly a big player given his history on Earth and with Kara Danvers, but the circumstances surrounding his return are not entirely clear.

Of course, we’re thrilled about the return, especially since Kara could need some help given the emotionally-charged battle she could be having in the finale against Mon-El’s mother Rhea, who is intent now to punish her son and anyone close to him over his decision to stay on Earth. This is clearly someone who doesn’t take rejection well … at all. The question we wonder is whether or not Superman’s presence makes Kara’s side a little too overpowerful, given that they already have Kara, Mon-El, and J’onn J’onzz at the top of the list of people with a wide array of superpowers who could probably clobber anyone else within the greater DC Comics – CW universe.

No matter what happens, we imagine the Supergirl finale will be epic, and serve as a means to set up the third season. Just remember for a moment or two that the season 1 finale effectively introduced Mon-El in the closing seconds, even if we weren’t aware at the time that he was the character within the pod.

Hoechlin was known prior to Supergirl for his work on Teen Wolf. The final episodes of that show are returning to MTV a little bit later in the summer, and it’s unclear if Derek Hale will return to be a part of that story.

As for when Supergirl season 2 is going to be back with new episodes on The CW, think in terms of Monday, April 24. Until we get around to that point, we suggest that you head over to this link to get a further look behind the scenes at the show. That video gives you a sense as to what goes into making some of the big character effects.

Excited to see Tyler Hoechlin back in action? What do you want to see from the character? Share now in the comments below! (Photo: The CW.)

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