Where is Shark Tank filmed? ABC show is far away from an office building

Where is Shark Tank filmedShark Tank viewers might think the pitch room for the reality show looks like a large office in a building, but they would be wrong. This popular ABC show might appear to be ripped out of an office building located in the middle of a metropolitan area, but it’s actually filmed on the ground floor of a studio in Los Angeles. Thanks to the magic of television, the show makes it appear that it could be a top-floor suite in any office building in America. Perhaps that is why the show is so visually appealing when it comes to watching every Friday night. It is able to create a business-like perception without being in such a location.

Where is Shark Tank filmed? The cast, crew and potential contestants all meet up at the Sony studios in Culver City, California. Known as Sound Stage 25, this particular studio barn is famous for the TV shows it produces. Only steps away from Shark Tank is the production units of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Contestants of the game shows can be seen lining up on the lot when the shows are taping. As you can tell, the Sharks are surrounded by productions of popular TV programs and in very good company.

Shark Tank reflects a business situation

So what makes this Shark Tank studio look so much like a regular office room? When watching the show, check out how all the walls and decorations do reflect an office setting. The hallway, where the people who pitch walk in and out of, is very contemporary and styled to look like an everyday building with a few creative TV twists. Taking a peek at the furniture used on the show, you might agree it isn’t anything special either. Add the Sharks, who appear to be comfortable in this setting as they would be in their everyday lives.

The location where Shark Tank is filmed also offers easy access to everyone who comes in to pitch. Only 15 minutes from the Los Angeles Airport, it’s a quick run to get to the studio. The ease helps to keep the focus on what it should be: People getting the right investment for their project.

While it doesn’t really matter if the show is filmed at an office complex or a Hollywood film studio, it’s interesting to see what a little TV magic can do!

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