Switched at Birth series finale spoilers: Regina, Kathryn look back

Switched at Birth series

The Switched at Birth series finale is coming to Freeform on Tuesday night, and upon first glance, it seems like the tears are going to flow. This episode is the culmination of a lengthy journey, one in which we’ve gotten to know these characters, we’ve cared for them, and we’ve absolutely gotten emotional over several different moments.

We could go back here and chronicle many of the biggest moments, but you already know what they are — romantic pairings, heartbreak, and of course the death of Angelo. This is a show that is all about defining moments, and almost all of them stem from the moment of the switch. It’s actually not something that we think about all that much anymore, and that is what the first of the sneak peeks below is effectively all about. Kathryn and Regina may not think about the switch as much as they used to — as crazy as their lives may be, it’s their lives now. They’ve gotten used to things being the way that they are. They don’t think about anything with Bay and Daphne as unusual anymore.

Ultimately, this switch has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Despite its emotional toll, it has enriched so many different lives and given so many of these characters opportunities to experience new relationships. Without it, we shudder to think of what their lives would be like — maybe they’d be happy, but it wouldn’t quite be the same.

Quick reminder — be sure to allot yourself a good 90 minutes tonight to watch the episode. Switched at Birth is officially going into overdrive for its final episode! It needs more time to wrap things up.

Bay and Noelle talk tattooing

As for a bonus sneak peek for the finale, the two talk about the “stigma” that is present about being a tattoo artist. Bay’s struggling with the job, and struggling to get other people to take her seriously. As Noelle tells her, though, there is a way to get yourself on the path to more success — inking a big fish! If she can get someone with notoriety to sit down for a tattoo, everyone could start to come looking for appointments.

Ultimately, we’ll see what happens over the course of the episode, but we know Bay to be the sort of person who never gives up. That should bode well for Bay’s future in the profession.


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