Why doesn’t Blue Bloods cross over with NCIS, other shows?

Blue Bloods season 7

While we do love Blue Bloods very much for everything they bring to the table, there is one thing over time that feels like a missed opportunity: Its standalone nature. If you just look at some of the other CBS-run crime procedurals out there, you have a real smorgasbord. So far, NCIS and its two spin-offs have shown themselves to be in the same universe as Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver, and also Scorpion. If you think about, there are only a few shows produced internally by CBS that are still somewhat isolated within this genre: Elementary, Blue Bloods, and Bull. In the case of the latter, you can make the case that it’s still too early in its run; yet, we did get a MacGyver crossover with Hawaii Five-0 earlier this year.

Doing a Blue Bloods crossover is something that we feel could benefit the show in a number of different ways. For one, it’d give it something that it very rarely ever has in publicity. It draws tremendous viewers, but aside from that crowd, we’re not sure how many casual viewers even knows it exists. If you were to find a way to get Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan over on Bull for an episode, imagine the extra promotion that you’d get! It’d also be something that would be the show have an episode or two that stands out from the pack; sometimes, this is a show guilty of having many of its episodes blend together in an unfortunate way.

Seeing Blue Bloods cross over with some other shows could be fun, but that may be in turn one of the reasons why we don’t see it happen all that often — this is not a show really known for its fun. It’s a serious, nose-to-the-grindstone sort of show. If you were to put it with another show, you’d have to really work at finding the right partner.

For us, we do think that the best fit, should CBS decide to ever do this, would be either Bull or Elementary, While they are both more lighthearted in nature, you could find the right setting to balance out the humor and drama. You could get one of the more lighthearted Blue Bloods characters like a Danny, a Jamie, or an Eddie, and given them a chance to interact with a Sherlock or a Jason Bull. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to reference it ever again. If it does, you can construct some further crossovers for more ratings and attention.

Ultimately, a show like Blue Bloods is entering its eight season on the air. At this point in the run, why not try to have a little more fun and mix things up a bit?

Do you want to see Blue Bloods cross over with some further shows? Let us know in the comments!

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