The Flash season 3 finale forecast: Should the Thinker (DeVoe) turn up?

The Flash season 3 finale forecastIn this The Flash season 3 finale forecast article, we’re going to be talking a good bit about villains. There are some easy assumptions that can be made, such as that there will be an epic battle with Savitar, and you’re going to have a chance to maybe see some closure with recent character arcs, whether it be Julian Albert’s presence, Wally West coming into his own, and of course Killer Frost.

One of the big questions that we want an answer on is the status of Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. the Thinker. In a recent episode of The Flash, the name was casually dropped by Abra Kadabra as he started to name off villains that The Flash faces off against. Every other villain he mentioned was one of his most notorious foes, so we have to think that DeVoe is right up there on the list. What we know about him from the comics is that he’s a master inventor capable of many different things, including mind control and telekinesis. We also know that there won’t be a speedster Big Bad next season, so it appears as though he’s a tantalizing choice.

Now, let’s go ahead and break down how to end this story to set him up as a major villain for the future.

What should happen – Savitar is defeated, and we hope to all that is good and holy that the show doesn’t do the terrible thing where Flashpoint is eradicated and nothing matters. We still need Caitlin as Killer Frost, and we still need Cisco with a little bit of grief in the back of his mind. With Savitar gone, it would be great to actually get a small tease of the Thinker, and what he’s capable of or planning. It’d be a nice change to actually see the villain for next season in the finale of the previous one. It’s not something The Flash did through its first three seasons, and Arrow really only did it with Slade Wilson entering season 2, even if he wasn’t exactly Deathstroke at the time.

Also, and we hate to say it, but someone should die before the end of the finale. The team is getting rather vast, and there’s a sad sense of poetry that in Barry sparing Iris from Savitar (hopefully, he does), someone else ends up in her place. Maybe it’s Wally, maybe it’s H.R., maybe it’s Julian. It could be almost anyone, but you need that moment of emotional resonance, and it can’t be something that’s changed.

If they don’t introduce The Thinker right away, maybe give us two Big Bads next season, with one of them being Killer Frost. We do think that she’s certainly powerful enough at this point.

What will happen – There won’t be a Thinker introduction most likely. Instead, we figure that there will be a sense of relative closure given that we’ve had that for most seasons of the show. There’s also a good chance you see H.R. leave (the Wells have a short lifespan on The Flash) or potentially also Julian, since we’re not sure what his place will be without Savitar around since his history is tied so closely to the Philosopher’s Stone.

One thing we almost surely won’t see this season is a Barry / Iris wedding. While they are engaged, that is more of a season 4 story. They’ve got no time to plan the wedding!

What do you want to see on The Flash season 3 finale? Should we get an introduction to DeVoe, provided that he is the next Big Bad? Share below! Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here to secure some other news and updates pertaining to The Flash. (Photo: The CW.)

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