MacGyver Finale Forecast: Should there be an epic cliffhanger?

MacGyver finale forecastIn this MacGyver finale forecast, we’ve got one simple question: How should the first season end? Should we get some moments of peace, and another pretty awesome party for Mac, Jack, and the rest of the crew? Or, should someone in the team be in danger?

We’re going to do our best in this MacGyver article to figure out the cliffhanger question, with the knowledge that the finale airs this Friday and could easily involve the return of Murdoc. He may be in prison now, but that doesn’t mean he will remain there forever (maybe Michael Scofield from Prison Break can crossover and break him out?). With someone as smart as Murdoc, it would be silly for us to think that prison is enough to keep this guy down.

What will happen – We’re going to see the Phoenix Foundation under siege after one of Murdoc’s former cellmates goes in disguised as a lab tech. You can see some more scoop about that over here, but the promo makes it look like Bozer gets stabbed and is in grave danger. With that, MacGyver runs the risk of losing the most important person in his life.

It wouldn’t shock us if the finale ends with the entire team still fighting for their lives within the walls of this compound, and with Murdoc getting out of prison, ready to take them on once more in an open environment rather than the confines of the jail cell. Our feeling is that the show will go out with a bang, and leave you with a lot to talk about for the summer. For example, everyone survives the attack, but most of the instigators are still out there and they have to rush out to find them.

What should happen – We’re not the biggest fan in the world of the cliffhanger where a main character’s fate hangs in the balance — with this show, the team’s so beloved that we can’t stand to lose any of them. We feel like most viewers out there would feel the same on that, so a “will [this character] die?” cliffhanger doesn’t work since you assume they’ll survive.

For us, we’d prefer a smaller cliffhanger for the season that offers some happiness, but a tantalizing tease for what’s next. Let’s say that the team gets out of their Phoenix Foundation predicament, and they all head home to relax. The team’s tighter than ever, and we’ve got a great moment for Bozer and Riley (our favorite wannabe couple) to go along with it.

Then, in the closing minutes, we find out that Murdoc escaped and the entire invasion of the Phoenix Foundation was a misdirect for him to put the wheels in motion for his plan. The team doesn’t know that he’s free in the closing seconds — maybe they learn it mere minutes later, but we leave with the entire crew happy.

Now, let’s turn this over to you: How do you want to see MacGyver season 1 end on Friday? Share in the comments! Also, in case you missed it – we recently interviewed David Dastmalchian about playing Murdoc and you can read that interview at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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