Finale Forecast: How Once Upon a Time season 6 can send off Snow, Charming

Once Upon a Time season 6 finale forecastThis Once Upon a Time season 6 finale forecast is a bit different than some others in this series, because we’re having to face the possibility of sending off not just the show, but two main characters in Snow White and Prince Charming. All signs point to Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas leaving the show — all signs also point to this being something that has been in the works for a long time. Therefore, the writers weren’t blindsided, and they will have some time to write off the characters in a way that makes sense and is satisfying to the fans.

The thing here to remember is that when the Once Upon A Time season 6 finale airs, it’ll probably still be done with the possibility of a season 7. Meanwhile, this show is not going to pull a Downton Abbey season 3 and have the characters die in a tragic way. This show has always maintained an optimistic tone, and it will try to embrace that through whatever story they decide to tell.

How to write off these characters and end the season will be a polarizing decision for the fans, but we figure that it’s best to offer what we can on how we feel it should unfold.

What should happen – Don’t throw Snow and Charming into an alternative dimension or some sort of prison. Meanwhile, don’t just ship off Emma Swan and many other characters to another realm where they are in great peril. What would be the most interesting conclusion to their story would be that they make a decision because it’s what they want, and not because they are in fear of something or because they’re acting to save someone’s life.

Our sentiment is simple: These are characters who thrive on adventure, but they’ve spent almost all of their lives either in the Enchanted Forest or stuck in Storybrooke under some sort of curse. Allow them to see the world. They decide that they want to pull a Frodo Baggins and hop aboard a ship. Emma convinces them that she doesn’t need their protection, and they should take their child and have an experience that is uniquely their own. They can always come home if they’re needed, but they deserve a break and a chance to show Prince Neal the world.

What will happen – Our feeling is that the show will probably end season 6 with the final battle against the Black Fairy, and the consequences of this will cause either Snow / Charming to be transported elsewhere with some other characters, or force some sort of relocation of our remaining characters. There will be a reset that establishes an entirely new narrative for the seventh season. It’ll give you some of what viewers loved about the first six seasons, with a new vibe. The show will still leave things open so these two can return, but will probably put them in a position where they are at the center of a new quest for Emma and Regina.

As for the other characters, we hope that Rumpelstiltskin and Belle will get a chance to unify around their son Gideon, and Regina gets a chance to move forward and find some happiness with the Evil Queen gone. It doesn’t need to be a love interest, but all of her demons should be gone. The odds are good for much of this happening, since we don’t think the producers will give a cliffhanger too devastating, not knowing for sure if the show will be returning.

What are your expectations for Once Upon a Time season 6 and its finale? Share in the comments! Meanwhile, be sure to head over here to score some additional news right now when it comes to the series. (Photo: ABC.)

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