Scorpion season 3 episode 21 review: The Cabe – Allie challenge

There are some episodes of Scorpion that it feels as though you can summarize in a matter of a few short minutes. Monday night’s “Rock Block” is one of those given that most of it can be described as following: Team Scorpion had to figure out a way to keep an asteroid on earth from spreading deadly DNA all over the globe.

If we were to craft an analogy, this said asteroid was almost like the one ring from Lord of the Rings given that not everyone wanted this asteroid gone, mostly because of some of its merits. However, it also possessed grave danger. The team needed to make the world a better plan, while risking their lives both in doing away with it and also dealing with the foreign leader whose orders they were defying in the first place. The good news is that rather than throwing the asteroid into Mount Doom, the team was able to utilize its technology to make the asteroid safe.

In the end, the team of course made it through this okay despite having some scary moments. In true Scorpion fashion, we think that it is the personal updates that viewers will care about.

For Cabe, he received some good news in the form of Allie’s return! She informed Cabe that because of some corruption, the Alderman position was going to be Sylvester’s for the taking. It also turned out that she had so much knowledge of geology that she proved valuable in making sure that the asteroid was safe. Given that Sylvester also negotiated a peace treaty with said foreign government, he certainly showed that he is fit for government.

Great news for Cabe in the end — it seems as though he and Allie are back on! Kudos to the show for not getting rid of this character, given that Cabe needs a little love in his life. The funny thing is that it took another Sylvester speech (he’s great at these) in order to fight for her again. (We’re assuming that he is, even if we didn’t see it tonight.)

Your wedding update

Happy and Toby are still in the planning process, and what we learned tonight is that Walter tried to come up with algorithm in order to determine the best song for their big celebration. (Good thing Paige convinced him out of hiring a lecturer.) Also, Toby’s been taking advantage of the freebies for the wedding venues, which led to a hilarious scene where Paige got a “bribe” out of him in return for her silence.

Overall Take

As a whole, we’d say that this was a fun one! The team managed to be successful in their mission, and Cabe got a little bit of advice in his love life. It’s pretty much all you’d want for a Scorpion episode, especially the Walter / Paige dance at the end.

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