Longmire notes: An Outlander connection; Katee Sackhoff’s new pilot

Longmire notesIn this edition of Longmire notes, we want to begin with a fun connection between this show and another one that we do love covering an Outlander. Specifically, we’re speaking here in terms of Lou Diamond Phillips and the rather fun exchange that began over whether or not he’d like a role in the fourth season of the Starz drama.

There was a pretty great exchange that started on Twitter a few days ago with Phillips (a well-known Outlander fan) that eventually roped in that show’s executive producer in Maril Davis. Obviously, there’s nothing to take too seriously here — of course Phillips would like a role given that any great actor would, and of course Davis would appreciate an actor of his caliber being interested.

In theory, we could actually see the casting working given what we know about Drums in Autumn, the fourth book in the Diana Gabaldon series that will serve as the basis for Outlander season 4. Those of you who are book readers who likely know better than us if there is a precise role. Given that Lou Diamond will be finished with Longmire in a matter of months, it’s possible he will be available!

Anyway, just consider this a fun thing to keep on your radar in the event it happens. It always is nice to see people cast on shows that they already love and watch regularly.

Meanwhile, Katee Sackhoff’s next potential role – Katee, meanwhile, already has her next series potentially lined up — and she’s returning home to a network that helped make her a star in Syfy.

According to Deadline, Sackhoff is in line to voice a supercomputer on The Machine, a TV adaptation that is going to revolve around the relationship between man and technology in a world that is featuring more and more artificial intelligence. The twist here is that if this turns out to be a voice-only role (and the pilot gets picked up), it’s possible that Sackhoff could contribute to another show as well since this wouldn’t take up as much time in her schedule.

Once we get to the end of Longmire, we do figure that many of the future plans for the cast will start to become clear. Hopefully, all of them will get some offers without having to wait!

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