Broadchurch season 3 episode 7 reaction: Is almost everyone guilty?

Broadchurch season 3Is being a horrible person a crime? We started to wonder that in relations to Monday night’s new episode of Broadchurch, mostly because there were a whole chorus of people we wanted to see behind bars as a result of that. At the top of that list is serial philanderer and all-around terrible person Jim, who loved being able to torment the police to the best of his ability. He could deny raping Trish, but still admit to sleeping around.

Yes, there is only one episode remaining for the entire series, and we still remain left with a lengthy list of suspects. Say what you will about the cab driver being a lead suspect, but there is nothing guaranteed there. It did seem as the episode was going that there was more and more evidence pointing towards Jim, at least in terms of how being rejected elsewhere could send him into a fit of rage.

Also, we saw Clive’s wife fight back tonight … go Clive’s wife? The problem is that it’s rather difficult with this show sometimes to know precisely who to root for. What makes this case all the more difficult to figure out is that it appears as though there were multiple men all with some sort of demented interest in Trish. They may each have an individual motive for doing what they did, and it makes us wonder whether there are any decent men left in the town given that we’ve seen everything from stalking to webcam-spying. Leo admitted to installing the software on the laptop, saying that Ian was the one who requested him to do it; in turn, he felt like he couldn’t ignore it because of his history with him.

Leo also admitted in the closing minutes to being at the party with his girlfriend, something that he didn’t tell the authorities previously out of fear that they would suspect the worst.

The episode ended tonight with the discovery of bloodstains, secrets, and a car pulling up to a garage. Consider this one of the harsher cliffhangers we’ve ever had on the series. It seems as though there are many different people who are guilty … but likely only one for this particular crime.

What did you think about this episode of Broadchurch season 3? Is the series giving you some of the answers that you are hoping to have? Share in the comments below!

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