Homeland season 6 finale: Rupert Friend responds to Peter Quinn shocker

Rupert FriendIf you are like us, then you’re still certainly reeling from the events of last night’s Homeland finale. Rupert Friend gave an incredible performance, but unfortunately, it will also be the final episode for the actor on the show.

Monday, Friend appeared on a Facebook Live chat in order to properly say farewell to the show and his character. With this, here are a few assorted highlights of what he had to say.

On if Quinn realized getting into the car that his end was near – “Whether or not Quinn realized from his exit from the garage that [this was it] … I’m not sure.”

On playing the character, and the potential future of the show – “It has been an amazing journey to go on with a complicated, beloved man. What direction the show will go, I don’t know. I hadn’t watched the show in five years, but I saw Carrie get promised a job [only to then] have a door slammed in her face … Carrie facing Capitol Hill like that suggests some sort of political run. She wasn’t facing the White House.”

On why this was the right time to say goodbye – “It was a bittersweet moment for me because I have lived with this guy for five years. I did feel that his time had come, and I never wanted Quinn to overstay his welcome. I was always a fan of John Cleese and his two seasons of Fawlty Towers … he left us wanting more.”

On the Carrie – Quinn relationship – “Did Quinn feel loved by Carrie? I don’t know. His incredibly [mistimed] advances were always spurned … Whether or not Carrie is able to accept and feel love is a question for Carrie, and maybe Claire can speak to that … Damage attracts damage sometimes, but maybe Quinn wanted to extricate himself from a life that doesn’t serve him.”

On if Quinn was ultimately celebrated as a hero – “There’s a big-old timeline gap for me between this guy saving the life of the President-elect and Carrie, and then into the machinations of her presidency. I’m very interested to see the response of our characters to this guy passing. I’ve heard him say ‘don’t put a star for me on the wall and don’t give me a speech,’ so what do you do? … What do you say, what kind of ceremony or celebration do you have? I would like to know that.”

For more news when it comes to the Homeland finale, be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: Showtime.)

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