NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 episode 20 review: Sale of weapon plans thwarted; Kensi Blye reveals her dancing skills

NCIS: Los Angeles season 7 episode 20 reviewOn Sunday night NCIS: Los Angeles viewers got an intense episode that offered a look at how secrets once traveled across the water. A shooting at a Cuban club has the agents drawn into a case with many angles. Getting a tip, NCIS agents are looking at a shooting and investigating a defense contractor suspected of selling Navy secrets.

Before meeting up with the designer of a nuclear attack weapon, Rebecca Larmont (played by Shanna Collins), the main twists of the episode start to come out. Her soon-to-be ex thinks that she is selling out the Navy. He knows she has more money than she is reporting during their split. He believes it comes from her alleged big secret.

The contractor, while in the middle of a messy divorce, doesn’t appears to be worried about the allegation.  Her estranged husband seems to have issues, but she seems pretty normal. In fact, her ex’s over-the-top attitude has everyone wondering if he is the problem instead.

As the case unfolds, the team recognizes that the shooting at the club and the designer are involved. A connection is unclear. How details of the nuclear attack weapon could be sold to the highest bidder is baffling though. The contractor is under tight security. And why her ex is being shot at is another question the agents need to answer.

Special Agent Kensi Blye is assigned to go undercover as a professional dancer where the husband works. Not to be left alone, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks gets a job as the bathroom attendant. Watching the club closely, the team realizes the contact for a potential buyer is made by using a ham radio and a public frequency. A meet up is arranged over the radio and the agents decide to move in.

Still not quite sure who will show up, the location is solved by a dose of spy knowledge. Henrietta “Hetty” Lange gave everyone a brief history lesson on how Cuba contacted their agents around the world. Using an elaborate code spoken over the ham radio, the same idea was being used in Los Angeles today.

Knowing where the exchange was for the nuclear attack weapon plans, Agent Callen and Agent Hanna prepare for a shootout. What they find is an alley exchange that includes guns, evil do-gooders and drawings of birds. Taking away the color on the drawings, the dots connected are the Navy plans ready to sell to foreign countries for top dollar.

Densi offers viewers a dance

Apparently the husband and wife were nothing more than merely pawns in the game of international spying. The selling ring was busted and the drawings were recovered after a gun battle in the alley. Which left viewers back at the club watching Densi – Kensi and Deeks – coming together for a little bit of a dance too. No proposal yet, but a very sexy dance on the ballroom floor.

We enjoyed watching the team split up to take down these bad guys. The NCIS: Los Angeles agents worked quickly and drew on their strengths to make the catch. The prevented the nuclear attack weapon plans from getting into the wrong hands, and offered another great episode to the viewers. Episode grade: A-.

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